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corona quarantine vlogger,口罩 不 织布, corona virus q&a community, medical mask retailer, covid-19 q&a forum


April 29, 2020

Heep Yunn School

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought great challenges to the world.  Our great thanks to Heep Yunn School (HYS) for their dedication and care to their students and inviting us to develop a signature mask case tailormade with a specific design that symbolize the School.  With love and solidarity, HYS delivered the “HYS mask case” directly to each and every student by mail within a short period of time and hope they can use it during this critical time.  All their efforts and love towards their students are highly appreciated.

Last of all, we would like to send our warm regards and blessings to everyone in HYS Family.  Stay strong and healthy! 

Quoted from the motto of HYS “In strength and grace we stand united, In faith and love we are committed.”

Thank you HYS!


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July 12, 2020


Maskmate Team有幸與嶺南衡怡紀念中學合作,創作了具有學校特色嘅口罩套,能在假期前派到每位學生、教職員手中! 

希望各位不能鬆懈, 繼續保持社交距離,戴口罩,勤洗手,保護身邊每一位!


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maskmate case.jpg

June 8, 2020

Marymount Secondary School

Today is the first day resume of school for P.4 to F.2 students, and Maskmate team has a mission to catch this special day for Marymount Secondary School:)

Maskmate team want to thank Marymount Secondary School for showing their concern to the students, whom inviting us to develop a signature mask case tailored made with their design students that symbolize the school!  

The mask cases had been delivered and we wish all students have a happy and healthy school life!


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伍華中學 MASKMATE 2.jpg

Jan 12, 2021


疫情肆虐,踏入2021年香港嘅確診個案仍然係雙位數... 伍華中學校友會關心社會關愛師生,希望為母校盡一點心意!

特此找來Maskmate Team幫手,設計出具有伍華中學特色嘅抗疫紀念口罩套.

 「We came by many ways from many homes, but we were marching to the same one」校訓和校歌歌詞讓師兄弟溫故知新,相遇相知,回想起伍華大家庭的難忘歲月.




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maskmate case.jpg

June 15, 2020


Maskmate Team would like to thank Tsung Tsin Christian Academy (TTCA), Tsung Tsin College (TTC) and Shatin Tsung Tsin Secondary School (STTSS), for trusting us  to be the gift source for their school resume day on 27th May, 2020.


Our team had specially design for each school, with their own unique colors  coordinated nicely and the school logos are plainly visible.


We hope the principals, teachers, students and every guests will be pleased when receiving this little gift from school.

We appreciate their kind expressions of appreciation, and are especially grateful for the help on allocating the finished gift packs deliver to TTCA, TTC and STTSS in such tight schedule. ​

We look forward to have another chance to share your happiness again in the future!​


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Organizations/ Clubs/ Society

california wine festival.jpg

June 25, 2021

California Wine Month 2021

等到頸都長埋, 第三屆「加州美酒節」終於開始喇🥳身為加州葡萄酒粉嘅你,係咪非常期待呢!

Maskmate Team有幸同主辦單位合作, 按主辦單位要求製作出別具心思嘅”leaflet+Mask case”設計,希望呢個設計可以帶比每一位客人有個窩心又安心嘅wine tasting event, cheers!

小編就睇中7月8號Serrini 「music in the vineyard」喇!

california wine festival logo.jpg

California Wine Month 


October 5, 2020

903 朱薰《你好o野》訪問

非常感謝朱薰既訪問,希望大家能繼續與MASKMATE TEAM努力對抗病毒,好好保護自己,保護身邊嘅人,我哋一定可以打贏呢場杖! 加油!


Equip Better, Live Happier & Healthier!


903 朱薰《你好o野》


June 24, 2020

Little Black's painting

《Quarantine little story》

During the quarantine time, all schools have been suspended, kids need to stay home, so do this 2-year old girl “LITTLE BLACK”. She finds her interest on marbled painting during the endless home staying period.

Maskmate team find her painting is interesting and feels so happy after seeing her art piece. 

The happiness is contagious, so we choose some of her painting and collaborate as “little black painting”. We want to share this happiness to more people during this hard time:) 

Our team encourages kids for finding their own interest, no matter this long battle last! 

Spread out the happiness! 

If your kids also have any interesting art piece,or Quarantine story love to share, feel free to contact us to "get a quote".

love tree by Leah.jpg

Little black’s painting Case

pure x maskmate.jpg

July 1, 2021

Pure Fitness K11 Musea新旗艦店

一邊做住運動,一邊望住個靚維港景, 喺邊度可以噤正?咪就喺Pure Fitness 喺K11 Musea嘅新旗艦店啦!
Maskmate team有幸與Pure Fitness合作, 制作出期間限定「尖沙咀旗艦店開幕特別版Maskmate active case」!集合運動美學與時尚一身, 配帶在手腕、背囊、水樽或跑步機扶手等地方超方便,型仔型女做gym必備!


希望大家繼續努力做運動!增強抵抗力stay healthy!

pure logo.png

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July 3, 2020

[恐怖在線] 潘紹聰

非常感謝鬼王潘紹聰欣賞MASKMATE CASE的獨特設計, 我們有幸與[恐怖在線] 團隊兩度携手合作,設計出專屬鬼王的鬼魅口罩套! FANS們有福了!


[恐怖在線] 携手合作第一擊


[恐怖在線] 携手合作第二擊

為慶祝Edmond既 [恐怖在線] 開播12周年,我哋特意設計咗一套共8個既紀念珍藏套裝,每個都有獨特意義,值得收藏!




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maskmate x hkfyg.JPG

April 1, 2021


《青協背包跑2021 HKFYG Run For Wellness 2021」線上跑》各位攞咗選手包嘅跑友 are you ready?呢個活動很有意義,主題係希望表達社會各界對青少年情緒健康嘅關注.Maskmate 好榮幸能出一分力,與大會主題聯乘出品《抗菌口罩套》為各位跑友打打氣!大家跑完之後記得跟大會指示去攞「解憂旅遊包」以作紀念啦!


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maskamte x ying swimming.jpg

June 9, 2020

Ying Swimming Club


今次Maskmate team有幸送出100個為Ying Swimming 度身訂造嘅mask case,贈與小學員!


如欲購買最新X-over Maskmate Active 口罩套, 可到官網選購:

Contact information:


ig. yingswimmingclub



Ying Swimming Club



Memento Vivere Studio.jpg

May 29, 2020

Memento Vivere Studio

Continuing to deliver collaborations, 

MM case (Maskmate) comes together with MEMENTO VIVERE STUDIO for a summer collection.

Memento Vivere is a Vancouver-based art studio producing works that encourage happy living. The brand ambassador, Kumu the cloud, is a brave and adventurous creature with a gentle soul. He gave up the sky to be among living things on earth. Rejoicing in watching the world, he secretly helps its inhabitants. He has a special bond with nature and is every plant's friend.

If you are interested to this talented graphic designer, feel free to visit her ig for the latest works.

cloud memento vivere logo vertical.jpg


Bellfluers x maskmate.jpg

May 10, 2020


Mother's day is coming this week-end (10th May, 2020), Bellfleurs has launched their Mother's day bouquet collection, sending the warmest and thankfulness to every mom on this special day. 

For the collaboration with Bellfleurs, Maskmate has assign the violet color-tones, goes together with the aesthetic needs of Bellfluers.

The Bellfleurs x Maskmate "happy mother's day special" mask case will be specially gifted to the first 20 customers. First come first serve! Don't miss it!


Please order the bouquet via

ig. bell_fleurs






Mar 8, 2021

Foodie Concept Store

What is "Foodie Concept Store"? 

FCS is not selling the foods, but the food concept in our daily lives.


FCS is design for fun, no limits on any boundaries, schedules and time.

They love to share their happiness through their no schedule minor craft projects, like hand craft silk screen printing.

Latest projects include signature hand craft silk screen printing "sandwich" tote bag, tea pot mat etc. 

If you are interested to their work, feel free to visit their ig for the latest project.

leah logo ig 2.png

Foodie Concept Store

IG: foodie_concept_store

GM02 a.JPG

May 20, 2020

Green Mail 

A newly experience of "mailing bundle of flowers" service from GREEN MAIL  release has just surfaced. 

Green’ Mail started in 2020 a year of COVID-19 virus infection, which is a easy to clean vacuum floral gift card. Base on under the epidemic situation, people also wanted to express the heart for someone in safety and designed a series of dry floral gift cards by post mail or delivery to who you care and special person.

Green’ Mail 始於2020年, 正是COVID-19病毒感染的一年, 這是一張易於清潔的抽真空花卉禮品卡。 基於這種流行病, 很人還希望在安全情況下表達心意, 並設計出一系列乾花卉禮品卡, 用於郵寄或遞送給您關心和特別的人。

For more updates please follow:

ig : greens_mail



Green Mail


woops x mm profile ref.jpg

Feb 4, 2021


WOOPS x Maskmate 3.0 


今次Maskmate Team有幸與本地機能性設計品牌WOOPS合作,設計出以黑色為主調嘅口罩套,配以黑色鈕撞白色WOOPS logo更顯型格時尚!


喜歡黑色嘅你,可以到WOOPS IG店瀏覽  @woopswoops_



 IG: woopswoops_


July 22, 2020

WCD lifestyle

WCD Lifestyle and Maskmate design team join forces for a limited-edition capsule centered around the aesthetic established for the x-over project. The limited, ball pen drawing is exclusively available on Maskmate Online store, consisting of 2 styles. Inspired by his lovely doggy, George the Shiba, and the other one is British Long hair feline, grumpy Jeep.


Chill out with these 2 stylish mask case for a coffee break. 

WCD Lifestyle x Maskmate case:


WCD lifestyle