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We are a team of creative people who love our society, animals and our planet . Ever since the discovery of COVID-19 in December 2019, the number of infections world-wide has already exceeded 1,554,960 with a total of 91,828 deaths as of April 10, 2020.

We encourage you and your friends to wear masks during unavoidable gatherings. MASKMATE (Trademarked) instant mask case is specially designed for keeping your mask in a short period of time.

The birth of MASKMATE instant mask case

Due to the scarcity of masks, we need to keep our masks safe and extend their life spans. One day, my partner gave me a handmade plastic file to keep my mask in during lunch, however, I thought the design was clumsy and insecure for the mask could easily fall out. In view of this, we headed back, reflected on the issue, cut out different shapes and made demos, refining our design time after time.

Finally, in early January, 2020, MASKMATE VERSION 1.0 is here to say hi to everyone!


We have trademarked our brand with our signature colorful snap buttons. With our “3-fold” concept, every person can easily fold and pack away their masks within 3 seconds. If you are not in need of the mask case, just snap the button and put it back into your pocket or bag. It’s incredibly simple.


Just make sure that you sterilize the MASKMATE instant mask case before and after use, and that the surface is dry before you put in your mask. Should there be remains of alcohol on the surface, it may damage the structure of the mask’s filter layer.


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